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AT&T Hints at Fixed Residential LTE
Still Likely a Few Years Out After Massive Spectrum Deals
by Karl Bode 08:53AM Monday Jan 14 2013
As we've noted, AT&T's recently announced U-Verse upgrades are less significant than the company's recent announcement made it appear, given the "expansion" involves simply pushing U-Verse out to an additional 3 million or so users they'd already intended to upgrade (the majority in San Francisco, where debates over VRAD cabinets stalled upgrades). Last week AT&T stated that some of their U-Verse expansion will also use LTE as a delivery mechanism, though the company's just not quite done working out how to do it yet:
"We anticipate that LTE will be a (fixed residential) broadband coverage solution for a portion of the country; we just haven't yet gotten to the point where we have enough experience under our belt to know exactly what that footprint is going to be," Donovan said during a question-and-answer period...The end goal is to "extend (U-Verse) from 75 percent of the footprint to 99 percent of the footprint [and] we're going to be using LTE for some of that broadband," Donovan said.
Any fixed LTE product would take the U-Verse brand and would likely look much like Verizon's Home Fusion product, which offers users an LTE connection with a roof-mounted antenna in $60 (10 GB cap), $90 (20 GB cap) and $120 (30 GB plan) flavors. AT&T conducted close to fifty different spectrum deals this year (in addition to their getting approval to use WCS spectrum for LTE, so it may take them a while to get all of their ducks in a row.

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