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AT&T Home Automation, Security Suite Launches in 6 More Markets
by Karl Bode 04:28PM Monday Nov 04 2013
AT&T's Digital Life home automation and security platform has launched in six additional markets. According to an AT&T press release, the service will go live on Friday in Bridgeport, Colorado Springs, Memphis, Mobile, New Haven and Pensacola, bringing their market total to 58. $30 a month and a $150 installation fee nets you the basic security setup that provides 24/7 home monitoring, while another $10 a month and an additional $100 installation fee provides up to three carbon monoxide and glass breaking sensors. A flurry of additional home automation features can be purchased for $10 each, ranging from sensors that can tell if you've got a water leak, to remotely-manageable thermostats.

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Chesterfield, MO

Who will buy this?

This seems like the ATT of old where they start with a stiff price, big installation fee and every additional item is more per month even though it doesn't cost them a dime.

Perhaps I'm jaded since it's hard for me to forget the fees I used to pay for touch tone dialing and an unlisted number when both were nothing more than one-time check boxes on an account maintenance screen.

I haven't checked but aren't there competing services that are cheaper or hardware tech that you can buy for a one-time fee (assuming you already foot the bill for HSI) that sends text messages/calls when the same sensors fire? Plus aren't there remote cameras you can stream to your smart devices to eliminate false positives?

I guess if they are marketing this to the 1%, they have money to burn and cost is not a concern. However that same 1% probably already have security systems with existing, long-standing providers in that industry.

IMO -- this seems as bad as Intel thinking it was going to reinvent television.



Re: Who will buy this?

Next up the wheel.......

Will post for thumbs
Atlanta, GA
The MRC/NRC is about on par with ADT, the dominant player in the market. Actually, I think the MRC is lower than a lot of ADT packages, and last they marketed me it was something like $49 a month

Edit: yep, and they want a longer contract....and higher NRC




As usual for AT&T ... overpriced

Overpriced for what they offer. NextAlarm, SimplySafe and others are 1/3 of the price for the same services.