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AT&T LTE Reaches Another 9 Markets
Denver, Tacoma, Milwaukee, and Louisville
by Karl Bode 07:45AM Thursday Nov 15 2012 Tipped by weaseled386 See Profile
AT&T's LTE deployment continues to gain steam, with the company announcing availability of the faster wireless network in another eight markets. According to a slew of press releases, AT&T's now offering LTE in Annapolis, Maryland; York, Pennsylvania, Daytona Beach, Florida; Tacoma, Washington; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Louisville, Kentucky; and Provo, Utah. AT&T's LTE network is now available in almost 90 markets, with the company promising 100 LTE markets by the end of this year, and to have their entire HSPA+ footprint upgraded to LTE by the end of next year. You can find AT&T's list of launched cities and their coverage map here.

Update: Locals in Daytona Beach say they're seeing speeds above 40 Mbps downstream on the freshly-launched and largely-unoccupied network:
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