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AT&T Launches Wireless POTS Replacement Service
AT&T Wireless Home Phone: $20 a Month
by Karl Bode 04:42PM Thursday Aug 09 2012
Telecompetitor directs our attention to the fact that AT&T rather quietly this week launched a new wireless-based landline replacement service rather-creatively named "AT&T Wireless Home Phone." The service simply plugs into an electrical outlet, and allows users to plug in a standard phone -- which will then get voice service via the AT&T mobile network. The device itself is $130, or free with a two-year contract. Service costs $20 a month for unlimited domestic calls, or $10 a month if you want it to pull from your existing AT&T service. The limited market launch comes as AT&T and Verizon shift their attention away from wireline to wireless. With the recent Nextwave acquisition, it seems likely that AT&T will eventually offer a wireless DSL-replacement service akin to Verizon's Home Fusion.

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