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AT&T Modifies Mobile Share Plans With Cheaper 10 GB Option
by Karl Bode 09:18AM Monday Feb 03 2014 Tipped by amdace See Profile
In the face of pricing pressure from T-Mobile, AT&T has once again shaken up their mobile share plans -- though the savings will mostly come for those already buying a significant bucket of wireless data from AT&T. According to the AT&T announcement, users won't pay less for data -- but they will pay less per line if users are sharing 10 GB of data or more. For example a household mobile share plan with 4 smartphones sharing 10 GB of data will now pay $160 per month, down from the previous price of $200 you'd have to pay now.

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The plan changes come on the heels of several other mobile share pricing tweaks made by AT&T in recent weeks, which included giving discounts to AT&T off contract customers, and those that pay for the company's Next handset upgrade plan.

AT&T's also in the process of offering customers a $100 bill credit for every new line they add to their account. Again it's worth noting that these latest changes only impact customers who were already paying a lot for data. There's absolutely no change to pricing for Mobile Share customers who are currently sharing data allotments of 8 GB or less each month.

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