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AT&T Offers No Contract 'Price Lock' DSL
To new customers who want to avoid ETFs
by Karl Bode 04:32PM Wednesday Aug 20 2008
On the heels of one of the worst quarters ever for new DSL subscriber additions, AT&T today announced they'll be offering new DSL users a guaranteed monthly rate for two years "without the hassle of a term commitment like those of cable companies." Price lock guarantees (with or without a contract, and sometimes "for life") are fairly common now in the industry, though they may not always be worth it. From the folks at AT&T:
"This is about meeting the needs of today's consumer," said Rick Welday, chief marketing officer for AT&T Consumer. "It's peace of mind with a guaranteed monthly rate for two years, no term commitment required and no termination fees. Broadband is a must for kids as they head back to school, and with our guaranteed price, parents can make a sound, secure investment in their children's education."
Obviously the primary draw is avoiding the early termination fee. Technically, Comcast has been offering a for-life price lock without contract for some time, but you have to bundle TV (whose hikes aren't locked). According to the fine print, AT&T's offer "does not apply to all AT&T High Speed Internet Basic and FastAccess DSL Lite Plans."

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