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AT&T Offers You An 'A-List'
Telco offers unlimited calling to 5-10 most called numbers
by Karl Bode 02:36PM Wednesday Sep 09 2009 Tipped by SuperNet9 See Profile
On the heels of this morning's 7.2 Mbps expansion announcement, AT&T also says they're introducing a Friends & Family (or myFaves)-esque feature dubbed the AT&T "A-List." According to AT&T, the "A-List" will allow AT&T Wireless customers unlimited mobile calling to and from their most frequently called friends, family members, or stalking victims, regardless of their carrier. The catch? You'll need to be on an individual plan paying $59.99 per month (with 900+ minutes) to get five such numbers, or a FamilyTalk plan of $89.99 or higher (1,400+ minutes) to get access to ten A-list numbers. According to the A-List website (where you can manage your numbers), the functionality goes live September 20.

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