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AT&T Response to New T-Mobile Strategy: 'Whatever'
T-Mobile Chides AT&T For Being Overpriced, 'Vaguely Sinister'
by Karl Bode 04:04PM Tuesday Mar 26 2013
Despite being BFFs just a year ago, T-Mobile and AT&T have grown increasingly chirpy toward one another over the last few months as they've started competing more intensely. That competition is precisely why regulators blocked the deal, and at T-Mobile's LTE network launch presentation today much of the company's PR ire was directed at AT&T. T-Mobile CEO John Legere pointed out repeatedly that T-Mobile's new plans will save users $1,000 over AT&T during the year, also going so far as to call competitor pricing a "crock of shit," singling out AT&T in particular as a company that is "vaguely sinister." AT&T's unified response to media outlets like CNET and AllThingsD looking for a quote on T-Mobile's new plans? "Whatever."

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