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AT&T Says 80% Of Network Now HSPA+
Says they've actually seen data growth slow slightly
by Karl Bode 12:20PM Wednesday Nov 17 2010
Eighty percent of AT&T's mobile network has been upgraded to HSPA+, according to comments made this week by CTO John Donovan at the Sencha Conference in San Francisco. HSPA+ is capable of speeds of 14 Mbps downstream, though users generally see closer to 10 Mbps. According to Donovan, the volume of mobile data traffic on AT&T's network grew from just over 1 billion megabytes in the third quarter of 2007 to about 30.3 billion megabytes in the third quarter of this year. Still, the company says they have actually seen a slight slowdown in data growth rate -- from about 50x to 30x.

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