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AT&T Sued For Helping Wife Prove Possible Affair
Husband suffered from 'embarrassment, self-revulsion...'
by Karl Bode 08:57AM Monday Aug 02 2010
Back in May we noted how a Rogers customer had sued the company for "exposing" her affair. What did Rogers do? They started giving the couple a unified bill (including her mobile call records to her lover) after the couple decided to bundle services. Now a Pennsylvania Police chief is suing AT&T for helping his wife gain access to his phone records in order to prove he was communicating with an ex-girlfriend. According to the lawsuit, an AT&T rep voluntarily spent time helping the wife go through the husband's call records to prove he had been lying. This caused "psychological pain and suffering, as well as humiliation, shame, embarrassment, self-revulsion and damage to his self-esteem," according to the suit.

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Toledo, OH

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News story doesn't say an affair actually occurred.

According to the linked article, the officer in question says he was contacting the woman with regards to an ongoing criminal investigation.