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AT&T Takes Their Fixed LTE Service Nationwide
by Karl Bode 10:37AM Friday May 23 2014 Tipped by telcodad See Profile
Last summer AT&T rather quietly launched their fixed LTE service, quite creatively named "AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet." Like Verizon's Home Fusion service, the service is primarily being targeted at more rural users that are tired of very expensive, heavily capped satellite broadband service. AT&T's fixed service isn't exactly cheap either, users paying $60 a month for 10 GB, $90 a month for 20 GB, or $120 a month for 30 GB.

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After initially launching this in only select portions of the Northeast, AT&T announced today they've taken the product nationwide. According to an AT&T blog post, AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet can now be added to the company's Mobile Share Value plan for $30 a month if you sign up for a 10 GB or greater plan.

Unlike Verizon's Home Fusion, AT&T's service doesn't attach a "cantenna" to the outside of the home, instead using a portable "Home Base" router. Users who add the service to their Mobile Share Value plans get unlimited calling however, whereas Verizon's Home Fusion is data only.

This service is how AT&T plans to serve the lion's share of customers that are either in rural markets AT&T doesn't want to extend service to, or the many existing DSL markets AT&T doesn't want to upgrade and plans to back away from. It's through this service that AT&T will serve the lion's share of the 15 million customers AT&T claims will see "expanded" broadband service if they're allowed to acquire DirecTV.

It's pricing where AT&T's claim that this service is as good as a solid fixed broadband line falls short. Pricing has remained unchanged from the original launch: users pay $60 for 10GB, $90 for 20GB and $120 for 30GB, with the company charging $10 for every additional 1 GB over the cap users travel.

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