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AT&T, Time Warner Cable Top Worst Satisfaction Survey
by Karl Bode 07:51AM Tuesday Feb 25 2014
According to a new Ranker.com poll, AT&T is considered the worst at customer service with Time Warner Cable ranked second and Comcast ranked sixth. The next telecom company doesn't even appear on their list until Verizon Wireless shows up at spot 21. "Younger consumers appear particularly frustrated by Time Warner and Comcast, naming them the #1 and #3 worst companies in our data, which suggests that these companies’ reputations are worst amongst the very consumers most likely to opt for internet television," states Ranker.com Data Analyst Ravi Iyer.

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Albuquerque, NM

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Amazing...I thought Comcast was very bad for customer service...cannot imagine organizations being worse! On the other side...had to call Chase Master Card and they were great...!!!

East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS

Re: Amazing

C,mon look at the low numbers and some of the companies on the list. BP? Does going to a gas station (I'm assuming) really have a customer service issue? Now I know there are a lot of people who have a beef w/ BP corporate policy, but CS.... I can see a number of bad actors out there, but this is NOT a clean list.

I'm also not sure how they rank because Comcast had more thumbs up that others ranked higher. Maybe they factor in degree of disdain, which IMHO if you are ranking WORST customer service the disdain factor should be 10.

I didn't take two years of stats and all that calc to witness these amateur polls.

This is the problem with the internet, any half-a$$ yoyo can put up a web page and then it gets covered by the media and nobody analyzes if the source is credible or even a chance of being scientific. It's like mob rules mentality, and we all know how well that works out.

Move on, we all know cable operators have bad service, and as they continue to merge it will get worse. It's not because they are cable operators, its because the government allows them to be unnatural monopolies--utility, and as monopoly customer service is a cost and reduces profitability. Why do we find that so hard to fathom?

The most competitive industries have the best customer service, the least the worst. This makes a case for less government intrusion not more.

I say let Comcast/TWC merge on the condition that they retain their franchise agreements but have to allow others to compete (meaning multiple franchise operators), and no free stuff as a barrier to entry. That would solve the problem in a minute. If they let them merge and still retain monopoly status (franchise) then the people get what they deserve. The Bells in the form of Comcast.

Hazelwood, MO

Re: Amazing

Provided the questions were pretty much the same for every company, then the stats are the stats regardless of what your advance years of schooling as taught you. As I am sure it did teach you that polls and surveys can be lead to read a certain way, but if the questions are consistent you get consistent results for all those that are surveyed in whatever direction they are being lead to.

Way to try to spin it though.

I say let them merge with the requirement they have to allow competitors to use their network and this is not a date limited thing.


Internet Television...

"Younger consumers appear particularly frustrated by Time Warner and Comcast, naming them the #1 and #3 worst companies in our data, which suggests that these companies’ reputations are worst amongst the very consumers most likely to opt for internet television," states Ranker.com Data Analyst Ravi Iyer.

While they may opt for Internet Television, they still most likely have to obtain Internet access from that same company they hate.

Almost every major ISP offers television service, even small-so-far Google Fiber. Most municipal fiber projects offer it as well. So his comment means very little, he's just taking a cheap, unimaginative shot at Cable providers. If younger people opt for IPTV, it hurts just about every service provider, not just cable, but they all still get money.

The only television providers that should be worried about IPTV are DirecTV and Dish. If their customer's choose to drop TV service, then they no longer have a customer.

Lincolnshire, IL

Re: Internet Television...

Want to know what I did yesterday? I was taping down an IR blaster in front of my Comcast cable tv box so my Slingbox is able to change channels. Which is the same thing I did ten years ago with my first Slingbox.

Just one example highlighting the problem ISP's have in general. Which is they do almost nothing to innovate their products. And if they can make a product less consumer friendly to make or protect a buck (cable cards), they'll happily go for it.


Jacksonville, NC

Re: Internet Television...

Innovation cost money...so who should eat that cost? Most consumers want the benefits of innovation, but feel it that their costs should remain the same or decrease without understanding (or caring) that it cost money to design, implement, test and maintain new innovations.

So I ask again who should eat that cost?


Edwards, CO

Re: Internet Television...

Yes, those that make billions in profit should eat the cost. Hint: The consumers aren't making any money.

Lincolnshire, IL
Who eats the cost? It's not lost on me that consumers ultimately pay, but since I'm providing ~70% gross profit for my particular ISP I think they can afford to enhance their products that benefit consumers.

In the technology space, innovation is almost always paid back multiple fold. And ALL ISP's have taken advantage and benefitted greatly from the continuing drop in bandwidth and related costs over the years. Some of those benefits have been given back to consumers in the form of speed increases for broadband customers.

Metairie, LA
·AT&T U-Verse

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Just for the sheer fact that the website uses the word "sucks" to describe customer service then puts the arrows, thumbs up and down in reverse disqualifies them as even legitimate in my book. This is why I've stop paying as much attention to dslreports lately. Waste of data traffic.

Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Unprofessional

All good points. This "poll" has zero standards about what qualifies a company as good or bad, and is not at all scientific. Most of the other lists on that site are even more ridiculous. I don't see how anyone could take anything on that site seriously as it appears to be for entertainment purposes, yet this site is trying to pass it off as a legitimate survey.

This is a story that should have never made it to the home page. I guess all it takes to get featured on the news here is to say something bad about Comcast, TWC, AT&T, or Verizon. This starts to get annoying after a while.


Patterson, NY

This is no surprise!!

Look we all know CC's customer can really be BAD at times....but let's not forget that we have all experienced some really good service at times. Unfortunately, there's is more bad than good related to their CS.

I just think Comcast needs to look at other companies their size and check out case studies and benchmarks to find out why they stink and other companies like them are really good at what they do with front line employees. It really comes back to business 101....Happy customers will sing your praises!


·Time Warner Cable

AT&T isn't the worst, but still not good

AT&T being the worst seems like just because it's AT&T than it does with real CS.

I think the branding of AT&T has more to do with it than anything else. Though I will agree there CS is not that good. Verizon though should have a higher place on this list than 21, but that may just be me.

Time warner cable how ever was placed on this list perfectly. Those on Comcast haven't seen true CS doom till you have to deal with Time warner cable.

Santa Monica, CA

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Looks more like a simple hate-fest.

Perhaps that's red meat for DSLR staff, but it doesn't serve to inform a discussion, it doesn't articulate, not one iota, what the polled dislike about TWC and Comcast's customer service.


Re: Poll?

From my experience ATT is probably just as bad as they say it is. I'm not even a paying customer yet, but I cannot get them to follow through on repairing THEIR own equipment
NID so I can actually get DSL. This is the FOURTH time I have tried to get them to come out and replace a broken NID up till this point every time I got a repair ticket opened it was mysteriously closed without out a resolution or explanation.
If nothing else it is WEIRD.

ATT has become not only a poor provider
but a STRANGE company to deal with as well.

Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable

Re: Poll?

I tend to agree that AT&T is, overall, a horrible company, and always my last choice, and I've spent the last decade doing my best to disconnect them at every opportunity.

But the "poll" spoke to customer service, not the popularity of the company as a whole. AT&T customer service is nowhere near as bad as any government call center, most banks, insurance companies, or other telcos and cablecos. They don't deserve a JD Power award, but they're simply average.

As for your dilemma, what has worked for me - specifically on AT&T NID-less lines, is to complain in person, to any AT&T bucket truck I can find on the street. The union craftsmen are generally displeased when potential customers can't buy service, and at least for me, were willing to bump the issue up the chain of command, and give me their cellphone contact along with their supervisors.

While it still takes another 2-3 weeks, eventually, I got new drops and NIDs installed in each event, and the endless intermittent dialtone conditions (and indirect complaints via management) ceased.

Albany, GA


hey look at that, mediacom is 95, remember folks, on the list "thumbs up" means "yes they suck" and thumbs down means "naww there great!" p.s. you all so dont need to register to vote