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AT&T Unveils New $65 Prepaid Option
Unlimited Voice, Text, and 1 GB of Data
by Karl Bode 04:25PM Monday Oct 01 2012
AT&T today introduced a new $65 prepaid plan that provides their GoPhone users with unlimited talk and text and1 GB of data for $65 per month. Verizon is taking aim at pesky upstart prepaid competitors, as well as a Verizon prepaid plan launched back in May that provides unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data -- but for $15 more. AT&T continues to offer GoPhone customers the option of a $50 plan with unlimited voice and texting, or a $25 plan that provides 250 voice minutes and unlimited texting. AT&T offers prepaid data users the ability to grab more bytes if they pay $25 for 1 GB, $15 for 200 MB and $5 for 50 MB. Prepaid customer growth has been 15% year over year compared to just 1% for postpaid service.

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