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AT&T Will Be National Carrier of Democratic National Convention
Despite Rocky Relationship With Democrats of Late
by Karl Bode 06:36PM Wednesday Aug 01 2012
AT&T has been declared the official carrier for the Democratic National convention this September in Charlotte. That's somewhat amusing, since the Democrat-controlled FCC and DOJ blocked AT&T's attempted takeover of T-Mobile, resulting in AT&T's CEO ramping up his personal political contributions to the GOP. The company tells Business Week they're more than a little nervous about making sure their network performs as promised. "Our reputation is at stake," says an AT&T executive. "This is about our brand -- so we want people to leave saying 'What a great experience.' I didn't have dropped calls; nothing went down on me; I was able to tweet when I needed to; my GPS worked when it needed to." The convention is expected to draw about 35,000 visitors. AT&T's price list for those attendees is here (pdf) if you're interested.

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