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AT&T Will Relaunch a Reforged Cricket Brand Soon
by Karl Bode 02:58PM Monday Apr 28 2014
AT&T will be launching a reconstituted version of the recently-acquired Cricket prepaid wireless service, according to AT&T CFO John Stevens. AT&T announced the $1.2 billion acquisition of Leap Wireless and their Cricket brand last July, and received regulatory approval for the deal last March. Speaking on the company's recent earnings call with reporters, AT&T stated that the company will be "aggressive" on the prepaid pricing front using the brand. AT&T intends to ultimately shutter their own prepaid wireless brand, AIO wireless, which was only launched last fall.

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Xenia, OH

Will be missed.

It's a shame AT&T bought them out. In the Cincinnati area T-mobile gave special rates (if you lived in local area) decently below their rates for national customers because of Cricket. Unfortunately this is no more.

King P
Don't blame me. I voted for Ron Paul
Murfreesboro, TN

I liked Aio, but...

Will always welcome more aggressive pricing on pre-paid. More data and lower prices please!
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Snohomish, WA

Is that company...

...lost? or what?
It seems like every few months the spin a Wheel an decide "This is IT!! The ULTIMATE business plan!!! Drop everything! Stop the Presses!!!
Only to jump the other direction a few months later.

It is possible to adjust AIO to be more cricket like (unless they sold a lot of "Price for Life" guarantees ) or to run both each serving a different user type for a while to see what sells best. They only opened several AIO store fronts here in December.
What an incredible waste of time and money not to mention causing MORE consumer confusion.


Columbus, OH

Give Up.

Quit it with all these MVNO's AT&T, just use AT&T prepaid, Verizon, just use Verizon prepaid, Sprint, just use Sprint, Prepaid, et al....

You already have a well known brand, plus you can use existing handsets with your branding on it already that maybe refurbs for prepaid. Couple this with a postpaid trade-in/buyback program to lower prepaid handset costs. If someone wants a iPhone 5S on prepaid, let them! Your getting the full cost from them at the time of sale. Plus if you have deposit adverse postpaid customers, you can save the sell by offering your own prepaid, using your own brand, that you could then pivot that customer 6-12 months of having the headset into a postpaid account as a reward for sticking with you in prepaid.


Gresham, OR

Re: Give Up.

Sprint has Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile...
Big Dawg 23

Northfield, MN
My guess they go this way with names because a fair number of consumers have no idea its ATT or Verizon or Sprint. As you can imagine there are people who swear off ever using a company again like ATT but then subscribe to subsidiary. It gets amazing the number of people have no clue a large company owns a certain brand. I have met people who refuse to buy a Chevy truck but turn around and get a GMC. I have never laughed so hard at the stupidity.

As for Prepaids they don't have access to all the towers as a full fledged cell company does. Since I travel a Prepaid will never work for me.


Columbus, OH

Re: Give Up.

That was kinda my point, the money saved in just having one brand they could invest into a better network, never needing to have prepaid roam.
Madera, CA

4G LTE finally?

Will this mean that Cricket will finally be 4G LTE in all locations finally?