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AT&T Workers Authorize Strike
Weekend negotiations break down...
by Karl Bode 11:28AM Monday Feb 09 2009
Last Friday the The Communications Workers of America applied some pressure on negotiations with AT&T Mobility, by voting to authorize a strike if necessary. Over the weekend negotiations hit a standstill and CWA supposedly walked away from the table. According to a statement issued by the CWA this morning, the union asked for a thirty day negotiation extension -- something AT&T refused. The negotiations impact some 20,000 AT&T Wireless employees. The Boy Genius Report has a leaked e-mail with details of AT&T's "last, best and final offer" to the union.

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San Ramon, CA

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Who thinks about long term anymore. Employees are essentials to a company's success.

Circuit City tried to be cheap and fired all their top earners years ago and got new staffing for every store. Look at where they are now. All the signs will be taken down in a matter of weeks.

Sprint tried to be cheap and off shored most of their call center calls. Look at who is trying to stay afloat.

Comcast doesnt pay benefits and uses contractors for installs. Everyone here knows about their terrible customer service. Their installers have killed people, raped, kidnapped, blown up houses, etc. The kidnapping story was never posted here but this happened in Tracy, CA 2 months ago. »www.insidebayarea.com/ci_11124852

When I go do my grocery shopping, the checkers are always busting their buts. The ones on the floor are always busy. They're a union shop and workers get fair pay. Go to Walmart and you can see a different level of service. They barely speak English. They will check your items at the pace they see fit. Most of the time its slow as molasses. They don't care if the line is 10 people deep. They are paid near minimum wage and all look as if they just got kicked off welfare.


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So what's on CNN and Fox today about the stimulus package?

The union is going to strike and walk away from the table while workers are being let go by the thousands weekly?
Satan is always busy. He makes bad things look good and good things look bad! Watch that Devil.