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AT&T's Forced 'Free' U-Verse Upgrade Costs Woman $327
Pay Major Fees or Lose Your Broadband Entirely
by Karl Bode 10:42AM Tuesday Jun 05 2012
Last week we noted that AT&T is now forcing customers with DSL to upgrade to AT&T U-Verse if it's available in their area -- or face disconnection. While normally you might argue that being upgraded to next-gen is a good thing, in this case the upgrade is resulting in some major price hikes for DSL users -- many of which have had the same pricing for many years. The Star Telegram (via Stop the Cap) profiles one woman who was told the upgrade would be free, only to find out it cost her $337..

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That of course doesn't include the monthly increase in her bill, and additional fees. The paper asks AT&T if users really can't just keep their existing line if they'd like -- and gets several different answers from the company:
Is the upgrade mandatory? The AT&T spokeswoman says the only DSL customers who don't have to switch are those in areas where U-verse isn't available. But I also wrote to AT&T's social media manager, "Mike," from the AT&T website, just as any customer can. Mike didn't write back, but "Kenneth" did. "Most times you still have a choice in keeping your traditional DSL rather than switching to U-verse. I hope that's helpful," Kenneth wrote. Yes, very helpful. Two different answers.
In other words, AT&T is telling customers they can upgrade from DSL to U-Verse for free with no increase in their bill -- something that isn't true. AT&T's also telling some people that you can still keep your DSL line if you really want to -- though that answer changes depending on who in the company you ask. Clear as mud?

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The Perfect Excuse

This crap right here sounds like the perfect excuse for forced users to switch to cable.