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AT&T's Latest VRAD Headache: Graffiti
City of New Haven now annoyed with box tagging...
by Karl Bode 04:18PM Friday Jul 18 2008
AT&T can't seem to catch a break when it comes to the bulky VRAD cabinets they need to install on city streets for their U-Verse VDSL and IPTV service. A number of communities have complained that the large VRAD cabinets reduce their property value (Comcast even used the complaints in an anti-U-Verse ad campaign). Most of the complaints have generally focused on the ugliness of the boxes, but New Haven locals are now complaining that graffiti on those boxes are making them even uglier, and they're trying to ensure AT&T cleans it up.
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Smuts "strongly encouraged" New Haveners to report any taggings through SeeClickFix.com, an independent watchdog website mapping quality of life complaints across the city and tracking how quickly they’re addressed. The tagging at the top of this story was reported here on SeeClickFix on Sunday evening and fixed Thursday by noon. Graffiti seen on the V-rad boxes can be reported at the website, with the tag word "v-rad."
AT&T is doing a good job of cleaning things up, something they say is company policy for all equipment. Still, these cabinets have proven to be a bit of a pain. They've exhibited the occasional but annoying tendency to explode, aesthetically anger city residents when not busy exploding, and they create one more thing AT&T techs have to clean. Of course AT&T could have avoided these cabinets altogether if they had embraced pure fiber to the home, something they'll eventually wind up doing anyway.

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Coloma, MI

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reply to iampedro

Re: Smut...

Great place for a campaign sign though!
Comcast has spoiled me rotten!


San Ramon, CA

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reply to Jeffrey

Re: AT&T's Fault?

New Haven has bigger problems than VRADs.

Looks like they need to worry about the youths. Who'll bring property values down? Having these boxes or punk kids in the hood, tagging on everything and stealing UPS boxes from your doorsteps.

Graffiti is easy to clean. Meth kids, bangers and the wanna be's, not so easy. Can you say blight?