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AT&T's Memo To Employees About Verizon Suit
'If anybody asks, just tell them we're incredibly awesome...'
by Karl Bode 09:10AM Thursday Nov 05 2009
The other day we noted how AT&T was suing Verizon over their "There's A Map For That" ad campaign, claiming the ads misrepresented AT&T's wireless network coverage. A leaked memo from AT&T management to employees has surfaced, telling them what to tell consumers should they ask about the lawsuit. In short: "tell customers we're awesome" is the meat of the memo, which not surprisingly omits AT&T's recent struggles with iPhone data capacity and the fact that yeah, Verizon does have better 3G coverage. In short, the suit still seems like it could backfire, given it simply brings greater attention to the fact that Verizon does have better 3G coverage -- no matter what maps you're looking at.

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