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AT&T's Own Metered Billing Plans Move Forward
Users in trial markets not told of caps until AFTER signing up?
by Karl Bode 02:30PM Monday Apr 20 2009
Time Warner Cable may have slightly buckled (for now) on their plans to institute low caps and high overages, but AT&T is still testing their own metered billing system in Beaumont, Texas, and Reno Nevada. A DSL user near Lake Tahoe complains to GigaOM that users in this market aren't told about the caps until after they sign up for service. AT&T has been fortunate to have Time Warner Cable as a PR firewall for consumer complaints, though the plans are largely similar. Like Time Warner Cable, AT&T wants to charge users $1/GB overages, though AT&T's highest cap is 150GB -- 50GB higher than Time Warner's top proposed offering. However, AT&T's 150GB cap is only for users within range of U-Verse -- AT&T customers on vanilla DSL connections get caps ranging from 20GB to 80GB a month.

Update: AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom tells us that existing customers in the two trial markets who exceed 150GB in a month become part of the trial automatically. If that happens, those users get the 150GB cap, no matter what tier they've signed up for. AT&T says they also warn customers at 70% of an account's maximum usage, and have provided these trial markets with usage monitors.

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