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AT&T's U-Verse Services Suffering Significant Outage
by Karl Bode 12:24PM Monday Jan 27 2014
Users in our AT&T forums indicate that AT&T appears to be suffering from a significant outage impacting a large number of the company's U-Verse TV and broadband customers. Some users claim that changing their DNS servers to a third party option like OpenDNS helps, though others claim the problems persist. Twitter has similarly lit up with customer complaints, many users saying they've been without functional Internet service since yesterday. AT&T DSL users do not appear to be impacted, and AT&T has yet to publicly comment. I've fired off an inquiry to AT&T and will update this post with any additional information.

Update: It looks like my writing of a blog post seems to have magically fixed the problem, as many users say they're coming back up now.

Update 2, a statement from AT&T that blamed a "third party web hosting issue" for the problems users experienced:
Earlier today, a limited number of AT&T customers across multiple states may have experienced a disruption with U-verse High Speed Internet service due to a third-party web hosting service issue. U-verse TV and voice services were not impacted. Technicians worked to quickly resolve the issue, and service is currently running normally. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Santa Cruz, CA

QOS Blocking software/hardware test?

Mine is back to normal slow dsl now. I was having trouble getting my email earlier.

I hope they don't start blocking or slowing sites ...
Let them eat FIBER!

Livonia, MI

Back up

Was having problems since about 5AM EDT. Things cleared up around 45 minutes ago. (12PM EDT)


Re: Back up

OpenDNS still had the issues but after switching to Google's public DNS it's been fine as of now.


Lincroft, NJ

Light Reading Article on the Outage

On the Light Reading site today:

AT&T U-verse Suffers Nationwide Outage
By Sarah Reedy, Light Reading - January 27, 2014


Dallas, TX

What exactly?

What third party web hosting service could break UVerse this way? Who does the third party answer to?

Typical non answers from att.

United State

Re: What exactly?

said by riturno:

What third party web hosting service could break UVerse this way?

My testing at the time showed a routing issue to Akamai servers in the block. Akamai is very widely used to distribute and optimize web site content, so an Akamai outage would affect a lot of "the Internet." Akamai also (effectively) returns different results to DNS queries based on one's geographic location. This is why changing to an alternative DNS resolver may have "fixed" the problem -- the affected Akamai servers were no longer being used. As for why the issue affected U-Verse in particular, it is likely Akamai and U-verse have an arrangement to locate servers nearer to customers to provide a faster experience. They are also "strategic partners" so AT&T may not want to name names.