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Aereo Launches 'Protect My Antenna' Site Ahead of Court Date
by Karl Bode 03:36PM Thursday Apr 17 2014
Hoping to generate a little public and press support ahead of the company's life or death Supreme Court fight versus broadcasters later this month, Aereo has launched a new website called ProtectMyAntenna.org that attempts to educate the public on what their battle is all about. Aereo has previously stated that the company has no backup plan should broadcasters win, forcing the broadband TV streaming operation to close down completely.

"What is at stake in this case is much bigger than Aereo," said Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia in an e-mail to the press and public.

"We believe that consumers are entitled to use a modern, cloud-based, version of an antenna and DVR and that consumers should not be constrained to 1950’s era technology to watch free-to-air broadcast television. The broadcasters’ positions in this case, if sustained, would impair cloud innovation and threaten the myriad benefits to individuals, companies, and the economy at large of the advances in cloud computing and cloud storage."

The website also links to all the amicus briefs filed by other companies in support of Aereo, as well as all of Aereo's filings with the Supreme Court. The fight officially begins before the high court on April 22.

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