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Al Franken Wants Comcast Investigated
Says Company Failing to Adhere to NBC Deal Conditions
by Karl Bode 09:07AM Tuesday May 08 2012 Tipped by FFH5 See Profile
Senator Al Franken has been taking aim at Comcast this week, urging Congress to investigate the cable giant for failing to comply with conditions imposed on their merger with NBC Universal. Franken's primary proof of this non-compliance appears to be Bloomberg's complaint that Comcast is shoving certain non-Comcast channels further down the dial -- a move the FCC finally wrist slapped Comcast for last week. As part of the deal Comcast promised to treat competitor channels equally, and Franken also slammed the FCC for taking ten months to notice Comcast's behavior. Franken's attention also appears to have been triggered by recent news that Comcast's Xbox 360 Xfinity content doesn't count against the company's 250 GB usage cap.