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All Mediacom Users Capped Starting Tomorrow
by Karl Bode 04:28PM Friday Sep 06 2013
About a month ago I pointed out that Mediacom would soon be forcing all of their customers on to capped and metered plans. In 2012 the company imposed usage caps ranging from 150 GB to 999 GB while charging users $10 per each additional 50 GB consumed -- but only for new customers. As of tomorrow, all Mediacom customers will be placed under the new metered pricing.

I've learned from Mediacom that as the company implements the new system for everyone, they're raising caps on some tiers -- and introducing a faster 105 Mbps tier as well. Here's a breakdown of what caps used to be for customers, and what they'll be starting tomorrow (pricing may vary depending on promotion and regional competition):

•Mediacom Launch (3 Mbps, $28): Still 150GB
•Mediacom Prime (12-15 Mbps, $46): Still 250GB
•Mediacom Prime Plus (20 Mbps, $55): Still 350GB
•Mediacom Ultra (50 Mbps, $95): Still 999GB
•Mediacom Ultra Plus (105 Mbps, $100): Was 999GB, Now 2000 GB

In addition to these tiers, Mediacom says they're now offering an Ultra Plus 3T tier in many locations that offers 105 Mbps downstream speeds, and a 3000 GB cap for $150 per month. The company's justification for why these caps are needed treads some fairly familiar grounds for our readers.

"Our philosophy is that customers who pay for a higher level of service deserve faster speeds and larger monthly usage allowances," Mediacom's Tom Larson tells DSLReports. "We believe these updated monthly usage allowances add more value to our fastest Internet products, and help more clearly differentiate the various levels of residential Internet service we offer."

What do you think?

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Good O Boy

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Monopoly, Caps, Greed, Breach of Contract, Class Action

Service originated at approx. 19.95 a mo. for a year, then it was raised to approx. 39.95 a mo. for basic cable and internet. The charge has doubled and the service has actually decreased with fewer channels and a slower connection, for a penny less than 70.00 a month.

Almost nothing would make me happier than to call Mediacom and cancel my service, in protest to this ridiculous action that not only rips off customers and interferes with freedoms, but will likely make a CEO, very rich.

Mediacom is already a monopoly in this area. Operated by the local utility; owned by the local 'good O' boy network; controlled by City Council; in cahoots with one major, local hospital, which has every attorney in the area on payroll.

Other cable-internet providers are not allowed to come into the area, and now, forcing "caps", which will amount to higher rates on all customers (breach of contracts?), even though the rates charged to Internet providers have become cheaper (with faster speeds).

Increased rates and unforeseen over-charges (caps) are unaffordable for many families on fixed-incomes such as Unemployment, Social Security Retirement, or Disability income. Caps then, are effectively repressing these families, many with a disabled family member or children still in school.

Repression is something that Digital Defenders Project works tirelessly to prevent and abolish. Capping internet usage goes against the policy of The Freedom Online Coalition of which the United States is a coalition partner.

"Countries that join the Coalition endorse a strong declaration of support for the principle that all people enjoy the same human rights online as they do offline, including the freedoms of expression, assembly and association; the freedom of religion or belief; and the right to the protection of the law against arbitrary interference with privacy."

When wanting to make a profit becomes outright monopolized greed; when contracts are breached; when there is an immediate threat to 'internet' freedom; when 'internet repression' is looming on the horizon or has been carried out, then the magnitude of the issue is very serious and consideration should be given to class action.


Net neutrality?
If you can't legislate and regulate control, increase prices to limit or prevent access to it?
(Just another form of bullying, abuse and repression of low-income, disabled and poverty-stricken citizens of the world.)

BTW. Do you know who pays for the internet access for your congress persons, representatives and president, with all those .gov and .us and .insert state here ... IP addresses?



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....Because we can

Let's just see what we can get away with....

That's basically how I always see caps (especially overages charges!). If they went down the "we will slow you down once you are over the cap" road then I generally don't have a problem with that but charging overages has always and will always be a money grab and always get frowned upon in my book.