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America vs. Sweden in the File-Sharing Debate
RIAA ponders content filters while Sweden supports legal file-sharing
by KathrynV 02:22PM Saturday Feb 09 2008
Earlier this week we saw Cary Sherman of RIAA discussing the possibility of filtering content in your home through the use of anti-virus software. In defense of the opposition that surfaced around this issue, Sherman is now saying that he wasn’t actually proposing that this be done but was “simply musing” on an abstract concept that could theoretically be put into place.

While the RIAA ponders the ways that it can get into your home and stop you from illegal file-sharing (or legal file-sharing for that matter), politicians in Sweden are pondering ways to make all file-sharing legal. This is exemplified by the recent actions of the Swedish Green Party which has long supported allowing file-sharing. They have recently made a new push in these efforts with the argument that file-sharing is not a form of theft and can actually be a key force in democracy today.

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reply to FFH5

Re: Green Party of Sweeden - another name for communists

People promote fallacies on boards like this, and I sometimes feel obligated to show how they are erroneous, for the benefit of readers who would otherwise be encouraged to think in terms of deceptive rhetoric.

In the USA, "communism" has been made into a term of condemnation for anything that diverges from the sort of corporate-crony capitalism that exists here inthe US. In fact, the system proposed by Marx and other theorists is rather different from your crude caricature as "the state to own everything and private people and companies nothing". For example, it's only capital, not all property, that is supposed to be state-owned.

Communism is actually a very bad system, but for reasons the parent poster shows an ignorance of (and which have little bearing on the current copyright controversy). Its main defect is substituting a command economy for free markets, which leads to irrational allocation of resources.

As for the Green party in Sweden, they're basically in the genre known as "Social Democrats". What they advocate is more of a welfare state, not a Soviet- or Maoist-style communist system.

More to the point, the differences on copyright are not a case of "property rights" versus "communism". In fact, copyright is more of a feudal concept than either capitalist or communist. As grandpinaple very imperfectly tries to point out, intellectual property is a monopoly established by the state by fiat. As such, it is grossly contrary to the principles of classical capitalism, which recject government interference in the market (and especially artificial monopolies).


Sanford, FL

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reply to MyDogHsFleas

Re: What about Authors?

I wonder if you noticed that you kind of made his point for him there.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

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reply to JasonD

Re: Sweden's green party is flat out wrong...

said by JasonD :

Who comes up with this trash? File trading is more akin to anarchy, NOT Democracy. And file trading should be illegal. Now before somebody hoots and hollers about open source or the latest wow patch, there are exceptions. But until people stop stealing there needs to be a controlled and centralized non-p2p method to grant those who receive permission to use copyrighted content access to it, without them then exposing it to the world. Sure it sucks, but until peoples morals improve, it's what we're looking at.

We live in a permission based culture. And the laws around it protect all of us, not just media companies. If you create something of value, you have the protection of the law to keep somebody from stealing it. You can, of course, choose to share it with anyone, but the law gives that control to you. Not some pirate.
copyright ment something when it didnt last for 75 years post mortem. give us reasonable copyright laws and make DRM ILLEGAL.
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New York, NY

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reply to FFH5

Re: Green Party of Sweeden - another name for communists

Intellectual property is not a form of private property, it's an idiotic idea that was devised by authoritarian morons. The founding fathers originally put IP in because they were trying to protect books and the references were mostly to patents. Patents are a good idea because they are actually enforceable. Notice who actually make money off of IP, the intermediaries. In other words the people who have no value to society other than the ability to open their mouths and yap idiocy.

The concept of copyright was a social contract to gain the most for the public, which is if anything the most communist logic in your terms.

Wasn't Cary Sherman pissed off a few months ago over some DRM thing that affected him?


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Swden is going in the right direction.

Swden is going in the right direction.

Good job!

Hopefully America follows.