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Analyst: Verizon Will Likely Win Neutrality Case Against FCC
by Karl Bode 09:11AM Friday Dec 27 2013
Stifel Nicolaus analyst Christopher King is one of a growing number of industry analysts who believe that Verizon will likely defeat the FCC in court, overturning the agency's network neutrality rules and setting the stage for all manner of "creative" industry pricing for services. "We believe Verizon and other telco and cable providers could gain new latitude to seek new premium (paid prioritization) deals with Internet edge/content companies," wrote King in a client report. "We believe some might actually view the ruling as an opportunity to strike broadband deals that improve their service or customers' experience, giving the telco/cable broadband providers leverage." Whether consumers feel their "experience" is improved may be another matter entirely, especially if the end result is them paying more for services.

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