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Android Users Consume 870 MB of Data Per month
While Consuming 2.5 GB of Data per Month Over Wi-Fi
by Karl Bode 04:34PM Friday Sep 28 2012
September data from the NPD Group indicates that Android users now consume an average of 870 MB of data per month over cellular networks, and 2.5 GB per month on Wi-Fi networks. Rather unsurprisingly, the younger you are the more data you use: NPD found that 18-24 year olds used 1.05 GB per month on average, while users aged 55 or older used 750 MB per month. A study last month from NPD found that the majority of wireless customers consume less than 2 GB per month. The firm also found that T-Mobile had the hungriest data users, with 11% of T-Mobile subscribers using more than 3GB per month, compared to 4% for AT&T and Sprint and 3% for Verizon. When wired or wireline ISPs justify their low usage caps you'll usually see them say something along the lines of "95% of our users will never reach the cap," and they're right; but they're aiming those juicy per gigabyte overages at the users of tomorrow, not the users of today.

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