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Apple Wants Galaxy Nexus Banned in U.S.
As Global Patent Feud Continues to Bubble Over
by Karl Bode 08:52AM Monday Feb 13 2012 Tipped by skj See Profile
Florian Mueller at Foss Patents notes that Apple has filed a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus, which Apple claims violates four Apple patents. The Nexus, launched late last year, is Apple's latest and greatest competitor in the smartphone wars, and was the first device to showcase Google's new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The four patents cover slide to unlock functionality, Siri-focused voice search technology, Apple's word completion patent, and a patent for "data tapping" (allows users to click on auto-linked phone numbers). Several of the technologies are already involved in legal disputes elsewhere -- slide to unlock is part of Apple's legal campaign in Germany, where a court denied Apple's attempt to have the device banned there.

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Long may you run
Santa Fe, TX

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Couldn't Care Less

You Apple haters crack me up. You're so predictable. Whenever there's a story about Apple, you spew your diatribe like an infant puking up baby formula. News flash - Apple couldn't care less what you think or that you would never buy or use an Apple product. They're doing fine without you. You're trying to make haters out of people who are already haters, i.e., you're preaching to the choir. Oh, and don't bother with the fanboi and/or Kool-Aid drinker comments. That doesn't work, either.

Toronto, ON

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Re: Innovation?

Apple is out of control.

This is just stupid.