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Apple Working On Networked HDTVs
Steve Jobs and Apple faithful to invade your living room...
by Karl Bode 03:34PM Saturday Oct 11 2008
CNET reports that Apple is busy cooking up broadband-enabled LCD HDTVs, obviously geared toward bringing Apple content to the living room. Ethernet and/or 802.11N ready, the devices will likely be embedded with Apple TV and iTunes functionality. The intelligent, broadband-enabled television market could soon get interesting -- particularly with the deployment of "Tru2way" -- previously known as OCAP. Sony recently struck an arrangement with several major cable operators that will let the electronics giant embed digital cable boxes with two-way capabilities (for VOD) into television sets.

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Council Bluffs, IA

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Knowing Apple...

A 42" Apple LCD HDTV with these will cost us $8,000 because "It's sleek and from Apple so its obviously the best"