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BART Takes Heat For Shutting Down Cell Service to Quell Protest
As Anonymous Hacks BART Website in Retaliation
by Karl Bode 09:09AM Monday Aug 15 2011
While UK politicians are considering banning mobile communications during times of "unrest," some in the U.S. are going right ahead with such actions. Managers of San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) subway system are taking heat from civil liberties groups for shutting off cell service in four city subway stations in order to prevent people from protesting a shooting by a BART police officer. "BART staff or contractors shut down power to the nodes and alerted the cell carriers," James Allison, deputy chief communications officer for BART, tells CNET. The move was "one of many tactics to ensure the safety of everyone on the platform," insists Allison. Hacker group Anonymous over the weekend hacked the BART website in supposed protest, posting the personal information of 2,001 BART users online.

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