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Bell Canada Throttles Wholesalers, Doesn't Bother To Tell Them
by Karl Bode 09:30AM Monday Mar 24 2008 Tipped by fatness See Profile
Users of the Canadian family-run ISP Teksavvy (which we profiled last year) have started noticing that Bell Canada is throttling traffic before it reaches wholesale partners. According to Teksavvy CEO Rocky Gaudrault, Bell has implemented "load balancing" to "manage bandwidth demand" during peak congestion times -- but apparently didn't feel the need to inform partner ISPs or customers. The result is a bevy of annoyed customers and carriers across the great white north. Says Gaudrault in our forums:
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After some discussions with Bell, while doing upgrades to zones that are under capacity, it looks like they've now started to implement a type of load balance system of sorts...As a side note, we have no plans to throttle anything, so if anyone is experiencing anything remotely related to this, it would be before it hits our side...Our concerns are that they are doing it without telling us. That we don't know where they are doing it. That we don't know if and when it will end. What are the plans to add capacity... what's going on? what are we getting for our money? what can we tell our customers?
It appears that Teksavvy has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with Bell to discuss the network changes, which Bell still hasn't publicly admitted to doing. Whatever they've implemented, it's impacting more than just P2P traffic. An anonymous Canadian ISP employee retells his murky conversation with a Bell Nexxia rep in a different thread in our Canadian broadband forums:
I work for an ISP, and I deal with Sympatico/Bell everyday, dealing with tickets and troubles...

Just got off the phone, started with a Nexxia rep telling me that bandwidth is being shapped/slowed down for Sympatico AND DSL Resellers in regards to P2P traffic... I asked for confirmation, she placed me on hold, and came back saying that yes, this is true. Then I asked for a manager... she said she couldn't transfer me, but gave me a name and number to call, talked to that person, and she wouldn't come right out to say yes this is all true, but is not denying it, and tried to explain the impact P2P traffic has on all customers, whether they are on resellers or not...
As an aside, users in our Teksavvy forum have starting using Google Maps to track which users are having problems.

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