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Bell Offers ExpressVu/High Speed Bundle
by DKS 01:12PM Wednesday Jun 25 2003
Bell Canada is not only increasing speed and dropping their download cap, they are also introducing a new bundle including the ExpressVu satellite service. For more info, see here:

»www.newswire.ca/releases/June200 ··· 078.html


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Toronto, ON

Question about this.

I am currently a Bell Expressvu customer, but I am not paying right now. What happened was that I moved 10 months ago, and moved just now again and I have to wait 2 more months for them to send me a free dish with install, so I took the vacation thing for 2 months where I don't pay anything.

So, my question is, Is this deal for new Expressvu AND Sympatico customers, or how would it go? $100 a month for both, and you get a new receiver with a dish and a Ultimate 7 is a very good bundle, and add like 5-10$ more for my current receiver and that because a good deal. So, if I call them (when Sympatico become available in my area) and tell them I want to switch to this deal, what will they say?