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Bell v Rogers with ‘unlimited’ smartphone
by Anon94 10:21AM Friday Jul 04 2008
full article at: »www.p2pnet.net/story/16286

“Bell said Thursday it would offer the Samsung Instinct, which includes many of the features found on Apple Inc.’s iPhone, on Aug. 8,” says the story, going on:

“The phone would be available with a range of data and voice plans, including a $10 add-on data plan offering unlimited internet access. The announcement comes just eight days before Rogers Communications plans to launch the iPhone. Rogers is already taking heat from potential customers over data rate plans it announced for the iPhone.”

Indeed. It’s promoted the launch of two anti-Rogers online petitions, for instance.

Meanwhile, “Unlike the iPhone, the Instinct cannot access the internet through a Wi-Fi connection,” the CBC goes on, “but it has many features in common with the iPhone, including a touch-screen interface and HTML web browsing.”

Bell spokesperson Jason Laszlo of bandwidth throttling fame, “said the unlimited data plan includes web browsing, web-based e-mail and downloads” as well as “Other services”.

But under the Bell plan, Samsung’s Instinct can’t be used as a tethered device to offer roaming access for laptops, says the story adding:

“Last year tethering was at the centre of a controversy for Bell Canada after a Calgary man got a bill of nearly $85,000 for using his phone plan to connect to a computer and surf the internet, which drew substantial additional charges. Bell later dropped the amount owing to $3,423.”

Bell Canada is central in a fierce and growing cross-Canada bandwidth throttling, net neutrality, battle between itself, its clients and smaller client ISPs and as the battle continues, its own services, and anything it touches, are becoming taboo, with all that implies.