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Bells Wrold, According to George Cope
by Anon94 10:40AM Saturday Jul 19 2008
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It’d been predicted that once the the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and its partners had acquired BCE with Michael Sabia retiring as CEO, we’d see price hikes and layoffs since this buy-out puts the union and Bell Canada $52 billion into dept.

Sabia said he’d step down once the “teachers” deal was a go, and he was true to his word, his place being taken by one George Cope.

It seems one of the first things Cope did was to trim the number executives down from 17 to 12.

So the jobs cuts start. And more are likely to follow shortly to help Bell quickly reduce its newly acquired debt.

We can also confidently expect the nickel and diming and cut-throat tactics aimed at weeding out the competition to really start.

Bell Canada has apparently announced to its wholesale competition that it’ll open up 10 & 16-meg (» Internet to them at the end of the month.

But it gets worse.

The company has also apparently announced it’ll start charging wholesalers for bandwidth used by their customer bases.

Or to put it another way, Bell will start levying charges for internal bandwidth used by the wholesale competition before the data even hit the net!

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