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BitTorrent Urges Netflix to Switch to P2P, Netflix Exploring It
by Karl Bode 04:05PM Monday Apr 28 2014
BitTorrent CEO Eric Kinker wrote a blog post last week chiming in on the FCC's recent reversal on meaningful net neutrality support, Kinker proclaiming that the "open Internet has been paywalled shut" by the FCC, whose new rules "effectively abolish" a truly open and balanced Internet. Kinker proceeds to argue that we should be able to bypass the FCC's combination of apathy and incompetence by "re-architecturing the Internet for equality":
Many smart researchers are already thinking about this problem. Broadly speaking, this re-imagined Internet is often called Content Centric Networking. The closest working example we have to a Content Centric Network today is BitTorrent. What if heavy bandwidth users, say, Netflix, for example, worked more like BitTorrent?

If they did, each stream — each piece of content — would have a unique address, and would be streamed peer-to-peer. That means that Netflix traffic would no longer be coming from one or two places that are easy to block. Instead, it would be coming from everywhere, all at once; from addresses that were not easily identified as Netflix addresses — from addresses all across the Internet.
Funny BitTorrent should mention that, given that Ars Technica points out that Netflix is already looking to hire an engineer to examine just this kind of problem. Netflix wouldn't specifically comment on such an effort, other than to state that "the best way to see it is that we look at all kinds of routes."

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Re: Netfilx going into the darkness

The only reason this problem exists is because the FCC is too spineless to enforce net neutrality.

As a reminder, everyone (you, me, and Netflix) already pays for their pipe to connect to the internet. This has become ISPs that want to double dip just because they can.