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Blu-Ray Struggles After Format Wars End
People just aren't that interested and won't be for another year or two
by KathrynV 12:00PM Saturday May 24 2008
Low sales of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray players were previously believed to be due to the fact that customers were waiting for one format to dominate the market. However, after the format wars ended and Blu-Ray was the only option left standing, sales failed to surge. Consumers haven’t taken an interest in Blu-Ray to date and studies indicate that they’re not going to do so anytime this year. This appears to be due to a lack of availability of the players in stores, lack of marketing by Blu-Ray and price concerns by consumers. In an effort to gain the attention of customers, new Blu-Ray machines will incorporate additional features including interactive web connection services. However, analysts say to hold off on buying a machine because the price should drop by approximately $450 by late 2009 when it is believed the technology will finally take off.

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Maybe it's Sony

I'm probably giving the consumer way too much credit here, but there are some that still vividly remember the Sony root kit fiasco.

I'm probably one of the few that vote with my pocketbook whenever I can. If I were on life-support and Sony was the only maker of iron lungs, it would still give me pause before I attached myself to it.


Prather, CA

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Hey Consumers! What the hell is your problem?? Get off your ever-widening asses and go buy our Blu-Ray products!

What do you mean, it hardly looks any better than what you have now? So what about $4.50 gas and the fact that your house is going into foreclosure! So you're losing your job to someone in India? You're now a floor-sweeper at WalMart? Big deal! Get out there and shop shop shop! BUY BUY BUY! You're a consumer, go do what you're supposed to do: CONSUME!!!