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Bright House Says You Really Don't Need 300 Mbps
Company Blows Off Verizon's Latest Speed Hikes
by Karl Bode 06:10PM Thursday Jun 21 2012
With Verizon recently raising FiOS speeds to 50/25, 75/35, 150/65 and 300/65 Mbps (with equally significant price hikes), the ball is in the cable industry's court when it comes to matching them -- particularly on the upstream side of the equation. In the Northeast Comcast for now appears to be ready to bump several of their speed tiers. In Florida, Bright House Communications is responding to Verizon's marketing shot across the bow -- by blowing the upgrades off. "Research indicates that the vast majority of customers do not have Interest in these types of speeds for their homes, not to mention the potential expense," Bright House spokesman Joe Durkin tells the Tampa Bay Times (via Stop the Cap)."Our network can deliver these speeds if we felt there was a residential market for it," insists Durkin.

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