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Bright House Users Get iPad App
Essentially Mirror Version of Time Warner Cable Offering
by Karl Bode 08:38AM Tuesday Nov 01 2011
In March of this year Time Warner Cable began offering users a new iPad application that allowed users to access cable TV content if they already subscribe to Time Warner Cable TV and broadband service. Despite an initiall legal scuff with Viacom, some trouble handling user demand, and a skimpy channel count -- the app continued to evolve through the year and most customers now enjoy having the added option of watching content on an additional device. Though belated, Bright House cable customers are now also getting access to the application. It appears to be a direct clone of the Time Warner Cable version, though it's not the latest version and had yet to incorporate parental controls. Interesting users can find the app here in the iTunes store.

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1 recommendation

I love my Brighthouse.

I've had Brighthouse for quite some time and I've been very happy with their service. They're not perfect and they're are some things that I would love to see: better layout for HD channels, better receivers and NFL Network! (just to name a few)

Regardless, I am a happy Brighthouse customer and have no plans on leaving them any time soon as long as they keep offering things like this.