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Broadband Reports Looking For Content Contributors
by Karl Bode 08:57AM Monday Mar 21 2011
If you think you can write something of interest for our readers then we'd like to talk. We have budgeted $50,000 this year to encourage unique articles that we will then highlight on the home page. Our goal is to shake some quality content out, and also build a varied network of occasional contributors.

Of course you can just throw a completed work at us to see if we run it, but if you want some assurance that your article will be accepted please contact us in advance with a brief outline of your story idea, and why you are in a good position to write it. The writing should be your own, and be on the topic of consumer broadband (which is a huge field). You would be assigning the exclusive rights to show your story on dslreports.com.

There have been community forum posts in the past that would have definitely qualified, and the authors were not professional writers, so give it a shot and we'll help if possible. We have selected three pay levels depending on the length and quality of the piece. We hope you will find the pay scale to be competitive with similar systems elsewhere.

Our content submission link is here. Feel free to either e-mail us or submit your proposed content directly into our queue.

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Mount Joy, PA

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reply to rdmiller

Re: A vacation for Karl?

said by rdmiller:

Does this mean Karl won't have to work 52 weeks a year?

I was gonna say, Justin wont buy him a new hamster to power the wheel for all his office equipment so he is looking for ways to cover his butt.
"Some people have no respect for logic."

It Is Almost Fast
Sacramento, CA

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reply to exocet_cm

Re: some Success to follow Success

said by exocet_cm:

It is like the "USA Prime Credit" commercial. After fees and conversion costs it actually comes out to 1 dollar.

Thanks for that information uhh, umm 'Peggy'

Free at last, free at last
New Orleans, LA

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reply to Noah Vail
It is like the "USA Prime Credit" commercial. After fees and conversion costs it actually comes out to 1 dollar.

In Deo speramus.
Kendall, FL

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reply to Noah Vail
Oh, you didn't hear? AT&T bought DSLReports..