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Broadcasters Petition For New Aereo Trial
Claim Previous Rulings Based on 'Erroneous Analysis'
by Karl Bode 08:39AM Wednesday Apr 17 2013
After spending last week pouting and falsely claiming they'll kill broadcast television, broadcasters this week filed a petition (pdf) with the court requesting a new trial in their battle with the OTA streaming company. Recent rulings claimed that Aereo's system of deploying mini antennas for each customer technically constitutes a private, not public performance (much like Cablevision's network DVR) and therefore does not violate copyright law.

"That erroneous analysis has now spawned an obviously incorrect decision that threatens to cause massive disruption to the television industry, and will adversely impact the public's access to the quality and diversity of programming available through broadcast television," claims the broadcasters.

Fox and CBS claims last week that they'll pull broadcast TV off the air and place them on pay cable tiers are empty (and quite possibly technically and legally impossible) threats aimed at laying the groundwork for a Congressional law change that would kill Aereo if their frontal legal assault fails.

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