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Bypass Bell traffic throttling: the nitty-gritty
by Bell_Abused 12:52PM Wednesday Jul 09 2008
Bell Canada is infuriating its own customers by throttling their Net services in a bizarre form of censoring, and which also effectively blocks net neutrality.
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Other organisations joined in, including Per Vices, a Toronto consultancy which on its web page states, simply, “We solve problems.”

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Now the company’s Victor Wollesen (applied research) and Yi Yao (research and development) have gone a step further by publishing a technical brief which explains in detail how to bypass Bell Canada’s traffic shaping effort.

Full aticle @ »www.p2pnet.net/story/16329
Full Tech brief to by-pass Bells' throttle @ »pervices.com/docs/throttling_tec ··· rief.pdf