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CBS Bans CNET From Giving Dish Hopper CES Award
Or From Ever Reviewing Any Dish Products Whatsoever
by Karl Bode 10:54AM Friday Jan 11 2013
Earlier this week we noted how Dish's new Hopper DVR, which has angered broadcasters because it automatically skips ads, has now integrated Slingbox functionality. The device turned heads at CES, Dish initially Tweeting that the second-gen Hopper had been chosen as a CNET best of CES finalist. CNET had already published a rather semi-gushing review of the DVR, insisting the device "almost has it all."

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When awards time arrived Hopper was nowhere to be found. Not because it didn't deserve an award, but because CNET owner CBS had stepped in and prevented CNET from not only giving the device an award -- but from reviewing any products from Dish whatsoever moving forward.

"We are saddened that CNET’s staff is being denied its editorial independence because of CBS’ heavy-handed tactics," said Dish in a statement. "This action has nothing to do with the merits of our new product. Hopper with Sling is all about consumer choice and control over the TV experience. That CBS, which owns CNET.com, would censor that message is insulting to consumers."

CBS is claiming they're banning the awards because they're engaged in litigation with Dish over Hopper. CBS is likely worried that statements made by CNET could be used to discredit CBS in court. Of course they also may be worried that people will notice they're trying to a destroy a popular, award-winning technology that makes life easier on consumers. Granted by taking this step, CBS has ensured that far more people notice what Dish is doing with the Hopper DVR.

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