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CBS Claims They'll Do Internet Video If Aereo Wins
by Karl Bode 09:40AM Wednesday Mar 12 2014 Tipped by ArgMeMatey See Profile
You might recall last year that CBS joined in a chorus of broadcaster pouting and empty threats in regards to Aereo, proclaiming that they'd pull their network from over the air broadcasts and move it to cable if they weren't allowed to crush Aereo. It's an empty threat designed primarily to try and get lawmakers to pass laws constricting Aereo, just in case CBS can't stop them in the Supreme Court.

Still, imagine what could be done with the public airwaves CBS is using?

Despite the fact that CBS has been resistant to change of any kind, another new threat/promise they're making is that if Aereo wins in the Supreme Court, they'll offer an over the top Internet video service:
"If there are systems out there that try to hurt us, then we could go to OTT," he said, using the abbreviation for over-the-top Internet television delivery. "If Aereo should work, if they should win, which we don't think is going to happen, we could go OTT with CBS."
"If the government wants to give them permission to steal our signal, then we will come up with some other way to get them our content and so get paid for it," he said.
Offering more innovative Internet-based services doesn't sound like a bad thing, but it will never happen. Again, Moonves is making a variation of the same threat that he'll pull broadcast content off the air (including things like NFL games) in the hopes some lawmakers will come to his side and draft protectionist legislation. With Aereo's fight against the broadcasters heading to the Supreme Court April 22, it was interesting to see Moonvees admit in an interview with CNBC recently that an Aereo win wouldn't hurt them financially in the slightest.

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Baltimore, MD

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reply to amungus

Re: How

So this is illegal...

But my SageTV Media Center installation which receives multiple OTA signals from multiple tuners, and then "retransmits" them over Ethernet / Wi-Fi to multiple SageTV clients is perfectly legal?

Or the Hava Titanium Wifi HD unit that encodes signals from my Dish Network STB and "retransmits" them over the net thereby allowing me to watch anywhere on my phone or slate?

Where's the separation? As far as I'm concerned, I'm not seeing the difference.


Glen Head, NY

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reply to TheGhost

Re: Hopefully FCC will take away licenses

I agree. If CBS decides to stop using their OTA signal as required by their "public interest obligations", then their license should be yanked and given, or sold, to someone else. These licenses were dished out for free decades ago so there should not be any financial reward to a broadcaster that abrogates its responsibility to use their license in the public interest.

Granted, a few well paid politicians will make sure that never happens but it is a nice idea nonetheless.
I support the right to keep and arm bears.