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CDC: 40% of U.S. Residents Now Cell Only
by Karl Bode 02:26PM Thursday Mar 06 2014
The Center for Disease Control has long been an excellent source of statistics on cell phone and POTS usage, since they collect that data to maintain accurate polling statistical information (in large part because those with no landlines trend younger). The latest data from the CDC (pdf) indicates that nearly 40% of American homes rely solely on wireless phones. 39.4% of US households don't have a landline phone, but have at least one wireless telephone.

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Some 38% of approximately 90 million American adults and 45.4% of approximately 33 million children now live in wireless phone-only households.

The study also studied these trends by State, and not too surprisingly, more sparsely populated states tend to cut the cord sooner. Idaho leads the country in terms of the percentage of 18+ adults living in wireless only households (52.3%) compared to New Jersey, where 78.9% of households still have a landline.

The CDC did note that the speed of POTS cutting has slowed significantly as the wireless market saturates, the 1.2% bump in the last six month period being the smallest the NHIS has recorded in the last six years. The percentages of adults (2.2%) and children (2.6%) who don't use phones of any kind have remained static.

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