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Cable Industry Lost 400,000 Users So Far in 2012
Cord Cutting Denial Strong as Industry Refuses to Compete on Price
by Karl Bode 09:46AM Friday Aug 03 2012
Reuters notes that more than 400,000 pay TV subscribers have dropped their television subscriptions since the beginning of this year. Following on the heels of Comcast losing 176,000 cable users and Time Warner Cable losing 169,000, DirecTV this week announced their first ever net subscriber decline. While cable operators continue to blame everything from the weather to antelope, the industry's stubborn refusal to compete on price means that users continue to slowly drift toward less expensive alternatives.

Annoying retransmission feuds certainly aren't helping, with paying customers given bickering executive children and service blackouts for their hard-earned money. Even Craig Moffett, the cable industry's resident Wall Street cheerleader, has been warning that the check will be coming due for refusing to compete on price. Even Moffett concedes that the industry is screwing up:
"Basic video subscriber losses aren't getting better," said Bernstein Research analyst Craig Moffett of Time Warner Cable. He said in a client note that the company had done alright overall but "it is hard to shake the perception of an opportunity lost."
The reality is that while the cable industry pays lip service to customers eager for a lower bill, they continue to pour most of their energy into very high-end and costly service bundles, in addition to their punitive metered broadband ambitions. As more and more cable alternative options continue to surface, the problem will only get worse for stubborn legacy executives.

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West Monroe, LA

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reply to tkdslr

Re: Price is getting too high...

Not ONLY price made me finally "cut the cord". History Channel became the Pawn Ice Road Pickers Channel, MTV stopped airing music, VH1 Classic stopped airing the videos MTV used to show, Bravo became the Runway Housewife channel, AMC went commercial and stopped airing classic films, TLC became the "lets have a million kids" channel, IFC went commercial and stopped airing independent films for the most part, BBC America stopped showing shows from Britain,started showing "Star Trek:TNG", etc. What pushed me over the edge was Oprah hijacking Discovery Health and making it impossible for me to see Dr.G Medical Examiner!

All that, PLUS most channels had DOUBLE the commercials the FREE over-the-air stations have!

Now, quite happy with my rooftop OTA antenna and my DSL.


·Verizon FiOS

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Why is this website, along with this article, exxagerate the numbers by not properly acknowleding telco adds !!!? Its not 400,000 ! Stop exaggerating to endorse your hidden agendas. Publicize the truth , or dont publicize it at all.

400,000 - 275,000= 125,000. Nobody at Reuters can subtract?

("Verizon Communications' FiOS TV and AT&T Inc's U-verse -- added 275,000 customers during the quarter.")