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Cable: Will price tiers spark outcry?
by catseyenu 04:19AM Tuesday Jun 18 2002
After noticing that their online games of "EverQuest" were getting slower and slower, Jim Williamson and his 13-year-old daughter ran a speed check of his Time Warner Road Runner cable service.

ZDnet News has the Story.


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Wichita, KS

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it might work. at least it makes more sense than the free for all in place now. BUT if they want to charge us more for faster connections then 3mbt had better be 3mbt and not "up to 3mbt"

Ocala, FL

Anyone else catch the bit cap bit?

"Although a Cox spokesman said that the company doesn't have a bit cap, Kersey said the fine print on some of its contracts sets a data-transfer cap of 1.87 gigabits per month. The spokesman said the service used to have a bit cap, but he didn't know of any such limit currently in place."

Hmm...1.87Gbits/month equals 0.23375Gbytes/month. I'm with the Cox spokesman, that doesn't make any sense. Also, that article mentioned tiered pricing in New England and Las Vegas, but I can find no mention of it in New England on, it lists New England as being 3,000/256 for $34.95/month. I see some hints of that in the Las Vegas market, but it seems to get all meshed together with Cox Business Services as well. They charge more for less. Odd.
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Ack Pfft
Fix East

Re: Anyone else catch the bit cap bit?

"It was running at about half the speed they were used to, he says. Within a week, Time Warner e-mailed him an offer to "Increase your Road Runner speed!!!"

"Now those customers are being hit with a double whammy: The cable companies want to charge them more for slower services."

"Now I understand the throttling back of our speed," said Williamson, who hopes to speed up his "EverQuest" adventures. "They were setting us up. It's a game, really."

I have no problem with paying a fair price for what I get, I do have a problem with feeling like I'm being manipulated or strong armed in a deal.

Cox is unable to offer me a stable connection now.
If they think they are going to raise my price and keep me as a customer they are saddly mistaken.
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I think Highway Robbery is coming

Changing speeds on people and not even telling them is really uncool and might as well be highway robbery. We need some new broadband ISPs that use switchpoint technology. If you don't know what I'm talking about check out » . I want some real speed. My Isp gives me a good download speed but a 128k upload cap keeps you from hosting a good game like Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Why is it that cable is a 10 megabit system and they want to go slower then a 7 megabit dsl system?