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CableOne Losing Voice & TV Subscribers
by Karl Bode 08:04AM Thursday Nov 07 2013
Washington Post owned Cable One this week stated that the company lost 14,643 video and 2,737 telephone customers during the third quarter, adding a modest 5,004 high-speed Internet users (the company killed overage fees last June). Things aren't expected to get much better for the cable operator next quarter. A retransmission fee dispute with Turner Broadcasting resulted in CableONE subscribers losing access to numerous Turner networks (including CNN, TNT and TBS) for roughly 25 days -- beginning on the first day of the fourth quarter. Time Warner Cable last week revealed they suffered significant subscriber losses courtesy of their retransmission fee feud with CBS.

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Damned if you do, Damned if you don't.

If you give in and pay the ransom that's demanded by the networks and as a result raise prices you are clobbered. If you give the networks the finger and they take their ball and go home you get clobbered.

Either way the Cable/Sat operators and subscribers loose. A-la-Cart would fix this because people like me would refuse to subscribe to their craptastic networks.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.


Limestone, ME

You've gotta be doing something wrong

If you're losing HSI customers.

Karl Bode
News Guy

Re: You've gotta be doing something wrong

I think they even backed off long-standing capping policies recently, so yes.


Albuquerque, NM

Now I know

That's why our sub growth in Rio Rancho went way up! Is the failure of the little company on the horizon?

Washington, DC

Are they losing money, though?

It always surprises me when these companies lose money, even if they lose subscribers.

Sherman, TX

nothing to see here, move along

These numbers are so tiny compared to other articles on here that I doubt that this means anything at all. It's likely just a foot note.

It will, however, be interesting to see what changes happens to Cable One once C-Spire rolls out their gigabit ftth service next year in Mississippi cities where Cable One has service.