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Cablevision Hikes Standalone Broadband Rates
by Karl Bode 12:10PM Thursday Dec 05 2013
Users in our Cablevision forum indicate that they're being notified by Cablevision that their Optimum Online standalone broadband service will be seeing a rate hike. According to the notices, users currently paying $55 a month for 15 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up -- will now be asked to pay $60 a month for the same service. While there are some promotions run that could lower this rate (especially if you bundle), Cablevision recently stated they were backing away from promotions, insisting that promotional price battles with Verizon FiOS have been a "dead end for us."

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Albuquerque, NM

Rate Hike

It's bound to happen. Broadband cost money to transport over copper. Even hybrid networks still cost a lot of money to operate.

East Amherst, NY

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Re: Rate Hike

Check the memo. DS3.0 was a minor update with mucho bandwidth and transit costs have plummeted in the last 3 years. Infrastructure capex/opex are way down. Go take a look at Capex expenditures during the "big" DS3.0 rollout. In most cases it is less than DS2 run rates.

The only exception was: Cablevision, because their plant had been abused until Fios put on major heat and they were forced to invest to remain competitive or die.

Time Warner said they were done last year also, and I get no more than 2 new mailings each week on some new deal or promo.

That stupid 3 play bundle w/ 3/1 internet was about as foolish as you can get.

Now TWC offers 15/5 for $40 a month, going to $50 after 1 year.

Admittedly Verizon 15/5 is $60 in my hood too, so maybe this is just a little mirror the competition on rack rates.

Verizon got smart because to get the best deals you need to sign a 2 year contract. Not sure if CV does that...



Ricky Martin

Is Fios putting Cablevision out of business? Might be.


Re: Rate Hike

Other way around. If Cablevision is increasing prices to match FiOS, then they must feel their customers won't leave.

FiOS basically doesn't like to sell anything except a triple-play bundle. Their single-play pricing is only a tiny discount from the lowest triple-play package.

New Jersey
Dunno about that..after 2 years with optimum I went to fios last week. Got the $79 promo, upgraded to a higher package for $99, taxes, a few international channels and a dvr I'm paying $138...almost all channels with HBO and showtime. And of course, perfect, spotless, impeccable quality, and set too box UI. Optimum was freezing up regularly and had many garbled channels.

My bill with optimum was $99...for less channels, no HBO, or internationals...When I called optimum to cancel, the best they could offer my was $130 for a double play. Way to go retention department.

So happy with fios.
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Iowa native
Springfield, MA
·Verizon Broadban..

Just buy basic cable

Just buy basic cable, it puts you on the books as a video subscriber and you get better TV reception.

It's like paying $5 per month to save $15.

Basic cable is about $5 in our area but Comcast has the Blast plus ($89/no) that includes digital economy and blast.

I think buying standalone internet is a waste of money.
I've experienced ImOn (when they were McLeod USA), Mediacom, Comcast, and Time Warner and I currently have DirecTV. They are much better than broadcast TV.

I have not and will not cut the cord.


Re: Just buy basic cable

Basic cable - locals only(Comcast) isn't worth it in our area.

Basic cable costs $22 alone.

said by IowaCowboy:

It's like paying $5 per month to save $15.

In other words, you save $10 a month.

Why pay $120 a year to watch cable TV if you don't want it?



It's only a waste if you want tv

If you don't want TV standalone internet is the only option.

I'm curious what it cost prior to this. In my area 15/1 dsl with 300GB is around $35. People say us Canucks pay huge freight for internet, but I think that only applies to wireless, the wired stuff is apparently a LOT cheaper. And seems like half price compared to the US.


Totowa, NJ

"Price battles with Verizon FiOS"

"insisting that promotional price battles with Verizon FiOS have been a "dead end for us.""

This is true. My promotion is expiring this month and Cablevision is unwilling to work with me. My rates are going to go up about $30/month. FIOS's rate are about the same as I am currently paying.


Bronx, NY

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Re: "Price battles with Verizon FiOS"

The stick it to then ad ditch then and you will see then mailing you weekly to comeback with a better promo.


Totowa, NJ

Re: "Price battles with Verizon FiOS"

Already have Verizon scheduled for the install.


Bronx, NY

Re: "Price battles with Verizon FiOS"

congrats bro...i wish i get fios soon as well

Brooklyn, NY
·Optimum Online
·Verizon FiOS

$60 for 15/5? total ripoff

Jeezus, this is when you have to call for rate regulation..
the cost to deliver broadband is going down, not up..
If CV wants to charge $60 for entry level broadband get rid of 15/5
and make it 50/25 already..

I constantly see a 3mbit tier advertised by Time Warner for $14.99 just to peel
Verizon DSL customers away.. in NYC. Not only is CV going in the other direction, they are ripping off their customers with a BB rate high & no speed increase, IMO.
Gouging the consumer by one company tends to lead to gouging by the other..
you can expect Verizon FIOS broadband rates to follow suit as well in the CV footprint. That's basically how it works. If CV doesn't want to serve low end customers, let Time Warner or RCN expand their footprints.

I thought some of you were joking when CV was raising their 15/5 to $55, and now $60..

Hyde Park, NY

Sticker shock

Just got my first bill of 2014, 59.90 for basic internet. Quite a sticker shock, I never received any emails or other form of notification. Being signed up for ebill I never get paper bills. It's a total ripoff of course, and given that Cablevision has a monopoly in my area, was this 2nd rate hike in 12 months even approved?