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Cablevision Technician Versus...Bear?
When Technician Visits Get Weird
by Karl Bode 12:38PM Thursday Dec 15 2011 Tipped by tmpchaos See Profile
Cable and telco installers have to deal with a lot of potentially dangerous and gross situations, particularly hoarders and those with a pretty distorted sense of what house cleaning entails. This is the first time we've seen a cable technician have to deal with.....a wild bear. According to local news outlets, a Cablevision technician visiting a home in Hopatcong, New Jersey ran into the 500 pound animal when entering the basement of a 85-year-old customer for cable repair. The elderly man had left his basement open and had no idea of the home's new resident. The bear was then chased around the New Jersey community before being tranquilized and released back into the wild. "It was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen," stated a local 12-year-old Hopatcong resident.

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Buffalo, NY

What was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen?

The bear scaring the living shit out of the installer?

Tavistock NJ

More video of bear




thats funny

LMAO ya i know about the hoarders few calls i got at work was installer had to deal with them that mean no way to go in house or under it lol.
Elf Wizard
Mullica Hill, NJ

Re: thats funny

but at least you did not have to deal with any Bear wires in the basement!
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united state

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Those NJ Itallians do get Hairy!

Those NJ Itallians do get Hairy!

Chandler, AZ

Re: Those NJ Itallians do get Hairy!

Stop it! That was Newt's EX why else do you think he cheated on her!

Stamford, CT

Re: Those NJ Itallians do get Hairy!

said by nutcr0cker:

Stop it! That was Newt's EX why else do you think he cheated on her!

Maybe because she had cancer too?

Cat god

Riverside, NJ

Must have been hiding from hunters


More likely though it was just hibernating.
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fifty nine

Sussex, NJ

Re: Must have been hiding from hunters

Sad but probably true.

The pro-hunt crowd likes to tell us how the hunt is supposed to drive the bears into the woods, yet the same hunters go into the woods to shoot bears (can't discharge a firearm within 450ft of an occupied building).

The hell was that?
Grove City, PA

Re: Must have been hiding from hunters

I've never hunted a day in my life, but I'll tell you that we need hunters, and lots more of them. Never heard of this stuff happening prior to 90's in such numbers, dads used to take kids hunting since it was all there was to do way back when. Now not enough do and the populations are going nuts. Deer have not natural predators anymore so only population control is sickness, starvation, or a car when they overpopulate.

Animals, just like people always take the easy way when they can, which is why you can't leave pet food outdoors. And in the case of people in CA, you can't leave your cats outside in parts or the coyote's eat them. Hell even in rural NC, mountain lions were killing and eating grown pit bulls.

You can't make all the people happy all of the time. But it should be common sense to shoot for the majority.


Bear in the Basement Story

Lucky thing it was a 500 pound Black bear and not the 1000 plus pounds of Grizzly pictured and attached to Karl's post!

mr sean
Professional Infidel
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N. Absentia

Re: Bear in the Basement Story

Could have been even worse.
It might have been a Mike Ditka story...

Imperial, MO
said by TwighlightLA:

Lucky thing it was a 500 pound Black bear and not the 1000 plus pounds of Grizzly pictured and attached to Karl's post!

Black Bear - play dead
Grizzly - you're screwed

You see, but you do not observe
New Orleans, LA

Only a matter of time

Bears don't like caps either.


Norfolk, VA

Did animal control...

... say that they would be there sometime between 12 and 5?



Re: Did animal control...

Ha, ha.

Gainesville, GA

Bells, berries and bear scat

Installers are advised to carry bells so bears can hear them coming and pepper spray to chase bears away. Installers can tell the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat? Black bear scat is full of berry seeds, and grizzly bear scat is full of bells and smells like pepper spray!

Want to go back to Iowa
Springfield, MA
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Even Worse Than Hoarders

Even worse scenerio is people hoard animals. People that hoard like 25 cats with one cat box (that is never cleaned) just enrage me. These are the people who belong in state mental institutions in a padded cell. When I hear about cat hoarders and the misery that those poor animals have to go through, it enrages me because I am an animal lover (I have a cat and I am caring for my grandma's dog, who I wish I could keep).

If I were a cable installer and I came across people with signs of abused/neglected children and/or animals, I would go above and beyond the duty as a cable installer and alert the proper authorities (like the state child protective services or the local SPCA/humane society/animal control).
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Granite City, IL
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hoarders are the worst...

I had one we had got that 3 other techs refused to go to. They get to the door 2 of them vomited because of the smell, the third one got and smelled the cat urine and was like "uhh, no... I am sorry..."

Finally one tech that came back from vacation that could "hack the smell and trash" and figured out it was a bad power strip the cats have been peeing on. The modem was fine but the jack and the line to the modem was corroded with cat piss.

Sure you can even pay them $50/hr. I don't think I would risk it. Cause if the cat was infected with something and bit or scratched you, you would probably spend more than what that $50/hr brought you.

I think in memory recalls they field mgr had to offer a paid day off to the tech that took it. Technically they could have just gave it to legal sighting safety and health issues. The premise owners really wouldn't have had much of a legal leg to stand on, much less a empty floor spot that didn't reek of cat piss.

Bottom line is... If you are a hoarder reading this... Get help!!
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Want to go back to Iowa
Springfield, MA
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Re: hoarders are the worst...

Most (if not all) jurisdictions require that cats and dogs kept as pets be immunized against rabies. Many jursdictions require dog licenses (really more about $$$ than safety) and a handful require pet cats be licensed as well. Here in Springfield, MA they have a limit of 3 dogs per household unless you have a kennel license.

Many pet owners are irresponsible and let their female cats and dogs reproduce while many unwanted animals are being put down in shelters. Male cats will spray if unneutered. My cat is a male and he was neutered before he was six months old (he is 7 years old now). My grandmother's dog used to belong to my cousin who never had him neutered and he came to my (cousin abandoned him on my grandmother, who would not take an animal to the dog pound even if she had to) grandmother's house and trashed it. My grandma had that dog neutered (with grandma's own money) and he is much better now and much more manageable. The dog is staying with us now while grandma recovers from an illness, and despite some minor behavior issues (such as spilling the kitchen trash or tearing into food packages), he hasn't trashed our house. Grandma thinks our cat is destructive in terms of scratching woodwork and furniture because my cat stayed with her all summer because the car was totalled last winter and I had to take the train home from Maine and they don't allow pets on the train, even if they're crated.
All of my CPE (including my EMTA) is customer owned. The only Comcast owned equipment in my house is the CableCards in the two TiVO boxes I own.

Brooklyn, NY
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can't wait for the followup visit...