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Cablevision, Verizon Continue Feud Over MSG HD
Verizon continues to lobby FCC for access to the channel...
by Karl Bode 10:06AM Friday Jul 10 2009
Verizon continues to be very annoyed with the fact that Cablevision won't give them the ability to deliver the Cablevision owned-MSG HD sports channel to FiOS customers. Cablevision withholds access to the channel from competitors like U-Verse, Dish and FiOSTV in order to prevent sports fans from migrating. Verizon's been hard at work lobbying the FCC to put a stop to this, going so far as to recently use your complaints in our forums in a filing at the FCC. Verizon upped the ante this week by issuing a press release again urging the FCC to act:
The refusal to provide this programming, Verizon said in its filing, "has significantly hindered or prevented Verizon from providing its competing programming service ...to the many customers for whom this regional sports programming is 'must have.'" The filing stated: "For these customers, a service lacking their teams' games in HD is not a meaningful choice at all."
From what we've seen of discussion in our forums, most of our customers would tend to agree. Not too surprisingly, Cablevision doesn't.

"Cablevision functions in the most competitive environment in the country and the idea that a phone company more than 10 times our size needs a regulatory bailout is absurd," Cablevision SVP Charles Schueler responds in an e-mail sent to Broadband Reports. "The phone company's problems are due to things like copycat products, poor customer service, confusing bills and long-term contracts filled with fees and excessive termination penalties."

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